Benton Youth in Philanthropy Students 2023

Benton Area Youth in Philanthropy

Benton’s Youth in Philanthropy program has been given $5,000 from the Community Giving Foundation: Berwick. We will be accepting applications from nonprofit organizations and selecting recipients based on who will provide support for our community based on our needs assessment results. The needs assessment that was conducted in Benton Area School District’s grades seventh through twelfth has indicated programs supporting students struggling with Community Health/School-Community Development/ and Diversity Opportunities.

 Benton Youth in Philanthropy’s funding priority areas are:

  • Community Health
  • School-Community Development
  • Diversity Opportunities

There are 13 school districts participating in Youth in Philanthropy this year.  To view complete information and start the application process, visit the Youth in Philanthropy page of the Community Giving Foundation website: